Sunday, 3 October 2010

Black Hawk Down, A-Team and Munich

Hi Gentlemen!

What a great idea is this blog- I really believe I can make a valuable contribution to this forum- I hope you think so too!

I am really sorry to hear, Last Guy, that you had some problems with Scanners. Sounds like it was a challenging film for guys, who are entering a new phase in their lifes, to process all at once. But it really has some inspirational themes, don’t you think? The ability of the human mind- the scope of human potential! It all went a little bad in the end, but, wow- imagine free, emancipated Scanners integrated into a progressive society where we all cooperate in furthering person kind! Wow, hey?!

M A-J, sounds like you have thought a lot about films! Sorry to hear that Fay is busy at the weekends. Fun, her jokes about being alone! But, you have thought about offering to go down to the group with her? It might be really powerful to have father and mother involved in the process (be careful not to crowd the baby)?

Just one thought- the reason that Tobias might be so tired is the Coke-a-Cola! It has a lot of sugar in it- so that’s probably why he crashes out like this! Maybe try some slow release carbohydrates- muesli with yoghurt and honey to taste? That way he will stay awake and fresh all morning.

I have just watched Black Hawk Down. Really like the music- like the scores from Ridley Scott’s other films. Yes there is a difficult message in it, but it’s really a "buddyfriend" movie. Like the A-Team or Munich! It was really good to see a young Orlando Bloom learning the tricks. The film is really about a transmission of knowledge and the way we should always be striving to build a progressive society where we can all work together to build a fair community!

Peace and good will to all you guys. Remember the glass is always half full (of good and cold beer!)

Tamas W.


  1. Tamas,

    Your enthusiasm is like a breath of air freshner.

    Thanks for your input- look forward to more in due course.

    M A-J

  2. Thomas (?),

    I'm gatherin from your cheerful disposition that you've not fully grasped the intensities of war. If you think that a soldier is a buddy or a friend to anyone but his Beretta, you've probably talked to one too many Europeans.

    Mike Grassley