Monday, 4 October 2010

The Social Network.

Okay, let me get 'er straight. Fellers come on here an' recount the films and or movies they seen in recent times? Well I ain't much of a man for seein' neither films nor movies if you receive my meaning, but MaryAnne's been ridin' my tail t'view this new computer programmin' picture. Guess that'll do.

Now there's a good portion where a couple of fellers are racin' their canoes, and they don't manage to beat these Scandinavians, so I reckoned they were the villains and not worthy of our respect. Another gent had typed in a program that lets Jewish people date Chinese people, but I guess it weren't so popular as he had to appear in front of a lot of panels to explain his methods and thinking. It didn't really have an ending but I gathered everyone got rich.

Now other men gets to comment on my sayings? Well I don't distinctly care for that idea, that some booklearnin type is gonna tell Grassley how he's supposed to behave and think. If you're gon comment, you'd better preface it with your best manners, and don't try bringin a European sensibility to it, if you capture my reasoning.

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  1. Hi Grassley!

    What an interesting name! Is it of Irish or perhaps Scandinavian origin?

    It is so valuable to have a sense of all people's perspectives. Everyone has something interesting to say.

    Maybe that is the value of that computer system- that you can have people from different origins meeting?

    Just think how helps to build a modern progressive society!

    Have a great weekend, everyone.